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I'm a New York based photographer specialized in yoga photography.
I'm passionate about creating images that are personal, fresh and unique. I help people identify their personal brand and what makes them unique. 
It's my mission to create images which directly talk to their clients.

I'm also a yoga teacher.

Since my doctor told me that I was borderline diabetic, I start taking Yoga classes regularly. Yoga makes me happy, helps me clear my mind, and gives me the energy to start the day.
The goal of Yoga is not to Look Cool. It is not only for skinny, flexible, or young people. I believe by doing Yoga correctly, we all can get benefit from Yoga.

Yoga is a tool to help you have a happy and healthy life.

OK, enough about me. What is your story?
What kind of service do you provide? Where do you teach?
What is your big dream?

Let's connect and make awesome work together!

Hi, I'm Miko!


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